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Spotlighting new releases from New Brunswick artists. This week we look at new music from Schoondog Saints, Omnis and Motherhood.

Matt Carter

Schoondog Saints – Self-Titled

Schoondog Saints make their debut with two high energy tracks on this self-titled EP. A testament to what can be accomplished with just a twangy, overdriven Telecaster and a cheap set of drums, this Moncton duo craft fun sing-along, foot stompers that align perfectly with the city’s well documented punk rock tradition. With the all too catchy chorus, “Ain’t it funny how the shit goes down?,” Schoondog’s Saints’ debut just leaves me wanting to hear more.  

Omnis – Forms of Loneliness

This latest release from the Saint John ambient project Omnis includes five tracks of drone centered meditation. Putting simplicity front and centre, each track on Forms of Loneliness carries a single word title and follows a similar sonic path modulating a series of specific tones ever so slightly.  The perfect soundtrack for a long walk home on a winter’s night.

Motherhood – Bird Chirp

After unintentionally letting this cat out of the bag a few weeks back, we’re now safe to speak openly about the latest single from Motherhood’s forthcoming album, Dear Bongo,. I won’t get into how I have been misinterpreting the lyrics for almost a year now (the band have been playing a lot of this new material since it was first recorded) but I will say this – I find Motherhood to be an incredibly inspiring group of artists.  They continue to stick to their guns by creating music that is exciting, unpredictable and at times just plain weird, but have managed to do it in a way that doesn’t alienate the listener. If anything, they’ve been carrying us with them on their weird journey for years now. Motherhood have taught us that it’s OK to be yourself, to do your own thing and to make your own rules when it comes to exploring your own creativity. And they continue to do so. This track is proof of that. Full album coming in March.

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