Michel Goguen Shares Latest Single as Open Strum

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‘Lion’s Drum’ finds Goguen collaborating with Jesse Cook’s longtime violinist Chris Church.

Moncton multi-instrumentalist Michel Goguen has made collaborating with others a focal point of his creative output. While most musicians happily record and release their own compositions either with a band or with the help of a few friends, Goguen seeks out the musicians he feels will best support his music and then somehow, gets them onboard. To date he has released tracks that include contributions from Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band), Chris Church (Jesse Cook), Mickey Raphael (Willie Nelson) and others.

It’s my favorite thing to do musically,” said Goguen. “I love getting a team on a song and try out riff ideas until something clicks. I make sure to finish the song before I start with the collaborations, but am always open to change things around if we end up finding something that works better for the track.”

Goguen’s latest single, Lion’s Drum (feat. Chris Church), blends Middle Eastern melodies with electronic and acoustic elements to create a highly cinematic instrumental track.

Follow Goguen’s music and his charitable work by visiting openstrum.com

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