Meorkat shares another lesson in efficient music making

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VXLUME 2 is a collection of short low-fi hip hop instrumentals that deliver complete listening satisfaction in just under 22 minutes.   

Matt Carter 

There is no shortage of musicians making beats these days. Whether we are talking about bedroom composers or performing DJs backing any number of emerging rap voices – beat tapes are popular and they are everywhere. And like any other area of popular creative expression, for an artist to be noticed their work has to stand out from the pack. Saint John producer Eric Muir is one of New Brunswick’s standouts. Since making his instrumental debut as Meorkat in 2020, Muir has continued to infuse his music with distinct character, mood and tone.

VXLUME 2 is a collection of short low-fi hip hop instrumentals that demand a listener’s attention. Not to be confused with chillhop or the kind of beats commonly found on playlists with names like Chill Out or Study Mix or whathaveyou, Muir’s compositions are tough to ignore. You can’t simply press play and go about your business. From that perspective, they are more distracting than chill. 

Let me explain.

Muir’s latest release eases in with a blend of mid tempos and occasional vocal samples that act as subtle spice to the warmth and comfort of his compositions. Each track averages around two minutes in length and are over before they really develop. But don’t let the fleeting nature of these tracks fool you. The variety of colour and texture – whether we are talking about an organ sample, a quick vocal fragment, or something as simple as a good bass and snare loop – gives each track a distinct atmosphere that establishes a solid feel before giving way to the next mood. VXLUME 2 is efficient in its delivery and completely satisfying despite clocking in at just under 22 minutes.

As with each new release from Meorkat, all sales through Bandcamp are donated to the New Brunswick Black History Society. Find VXLUME 2 wherever you stream music. 


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