Melonvine Return with New Single

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Melonvine enlist The Motorleague’s Don Levandier to produce latest single, Confessions. 

Matt Carter

There’s no denying Derek Thibeault’s love for nineties Can-Con. His ability to pen a hook laden, radio-ready earworm that could easily stand nose to nose with anything by Our Lady Peace or I Mother Earth could have ever released at the height of their powers is nothing short of astonishing. And although that description would almost make you think he’s about 25 years too late to the party, that’s not the case at all. While the influence is undeniable, the fresh take Thibeault injects into the formula deserves equal attention. The interplay happening during the first melody phrase on Melonvine’s new single Confessions is a perfect example. This clever arrangement finds the drums almost carrying a melodic line on their own, while quickly clearing a path for the guitar to boldly proclaim its presence. It’s a great example of the one-mind musicians often share after years of playing together. The only thing is, in this particular case, Thibeault is flying solo. He plays it all. He is the one mind. 

The band’s last lineup parted ways in early 2019 and for a while, it looked like Melonvine had run its course. Confessions marks the band’s first new music since their 2018 EP, Chasing Hurricanes. 

“I decided to get it going again because pouring my heart into songs is an outlet for me and I love the thought that someone might hear it and have it be an outlet for them too,” said Thibeault on the decision to push forward.

Confessions was produced and engineered by Don Levandier (The Motorleague) and mixed and mastered in Saint John by Adam Dincorn at Undertone Studios. 

“Our goal with this track was to record and mix something in New Brunswick, that sounded like it could compete with anything coming out of the bigger studios in Toronto or Vancouver, and could fit well with anything on rock radio,” said Levandier.

Mission accomplished. Welcome back Derek. 

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