Meet the Elephant Wizard

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Seven-piece Moncton ensemble Les Moontunes reach towards the darker corners of the galaxy with their new single, Elephant Wizard.

Matt Carter 

Les Moontunes are one of the most interesting bands in New Brunswick at the moment, partly because of the variety of eclectic influences that shape their sound – traditional jazz, fusion, metal, and progressive rock, with occasional hints of atmospheric chill-out thrown in for good measure – and partly because of their size. There are seven members in the group playing guitar, bass, keys, horns, and percussion. And the sound they generate is nothing short of behemoth. 

After making their debut in 2021 with the release of their self-titled album, followed quickly by a live version of the same album, and picking up MNB awards for Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Video of the Year for their single Paper Boat, it quickly became obvious to anyone paying attention, Les Moontunes are a band to keep your ears on. And that fact has never changed. 

Elephant Wizard, the first single from the group’s forthcoming sophomore album of the same name, doubles down on some of the heavier influences to appear on their debut. With a main melody line that orbits surprisingly close to sludge territory, Les Moontunes use the riff as the basis for frantic horn solos above a masterful push and pull of both tension and tempo while introducing the main character and concept to shape their forthcoming album – the one and only, Elephant Wizard. 

Surfin’ on a cloud that’s quickly raining down on the mountain
Lightning strikes as the sound of thunder’s pounding
Nowhere to hide or run everyone is surrounded
Surfin’ on a cloud that’s quickly raining down on the mountain yeah

The Elephant Wizard’s coming on down from the mountain
Waving his tail around everybody’s hope started rising
But down came a lightning strike that sent everybody to a hiding
The Elephant Wizard blew his trunk loud and this is how it sounded

Elephant Wizard was produced by Mike Trask and recorded by Trask and Thomas Stajcer. The full album releases January 19, 2024. Pre-orders are open.

Band photo by Annie France Noël. 


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