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Tim Rayne steps down as Station Manager at CHSR. Leaves legacy of community engagement and support.

by Penelope Stevens
Photo: Biff Mitchell

Have you ever heard of my band, Motherhood? If you answered yes, or at least “Yeah, I think I’ve heard of you guys before”, we both have Tim Rayne to thank.

Tim is one of the most dedicated local music supporters of all time, especially in Fredericton. It’s his bread and butter. I’ve walked in on conversations Tim is having with strangers on several occasions (like, way more than once), and overheard “you gotta check them out, man. I’ve got their record at home, I’ll give you my copy. You’d love them! Seriously, man!” That’s Tim, hustling my band’s records with no expectation of repayment or thanks. My cheeks redden, sure, but my heart also grows a size or two. That’s just Tim. He cares deeply about the musicians and artists in Fredericton, and he’s willing to hock his own record collection to get our music in the right hands. I’m sure we’re not the only band that has had this experience with Tim.

It’s not just the bands that he cares about, it’s the scene as a whole. There have been dozens of times when Tim has shown up unannounced in my office, saying “I know you’re busy, I don’t want to bug you, but I’ve got a big idea. You’re gonna love it.” He’s got that look in his eyes, and I know what’s coming is a crazy, wonderful, big idea about how to make the music scene stronger, healther, or more productive. His inspiration knows no bounds.

Besides all that, the most influential and longlasting effect he has had on the music scene in Fredericton is getting CHSR 97.9 fm back on its feet. Tim took over the position of Station Manager at CHSR a few years ago when the station was struggling, financially and otherwise. Tim made some ambitious moves, often giving himself the short straw in order to sustain and promote Fredericton’s only community radio station. He saw the station through personnel change, extensive flooding damage, a whole reconstruction process, and restructuring of the entire organization. He connected the station to the greater campus community and put CHSR in one of the most advantageous positions it’s been in for decades.

Other than the very occasional CBC play, CHSR is the only radio station that tirelessly promotes my bands’ music. Without CHSR’s commitment to support local music, we would be almost completely non-existent outside of the Fredericton area. We have Tim and the excellent team he’s built to thank, seriously. Listen to 97.9 fm and weep, because it’s an incredible gem of a radio station that would not exist without Tim and his team.

As a dedicated husband and father, it’s been more difficult for Tim to make it out to our late night bar shows, but that doesn’t prevent him from supporting us in every other way imaginable. From shooting music videos, organizing shows, informing us about show opportunities, hitting up all-ages shows, emceeing events, and doing whatever it takes to ensure our success, Tim always puts the betterment of the scene above his own needs.

And now he’s making a move that’s long overdue. He’s making a move for himself for once! Tim is moving on from CHSR to develop his own business, Raynemaker Productions, because of course, Tim isn’t a musician himself, he’s a FILMMAKER. What a plot twist, right?

Tim, we’re so thankful for your commitment to CHSR and the music scene. You’ve made a huge impact in the lives of many of us. Although we all know you’ll still be around to support us like an embarrassing parent that loves his kid so much that he sits front row at every piano recital, and that probably nothing too major will change, it seems like a good time to let you know: all the work you’ve put in here has not gone unnoticed, and you’ll be in the liner notes of our hearts forever.

xoxo all the best,

Penelope, of Motherhood, Shorty Tubbs, Nuages & The Shifty Bits Cult

Come out to CHSR’s 4th annual Shake ‘n Bake event at The Cellar Pub this Saturday and celebrate Tim’s legacy with some of the best local music anywhere.

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