Live Music at Grimross Brewing Co.

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Colour Film and Ensh perform in Fredericton May 13.

portraitstormskyphone3Looking back in order to look ahead. Drawing from memories to open up new possibilities. That, in many respects, sums up Colour Film, the new identity of Hamilton, Ontario’s Matthew de Zoete. Having released three albums of dreamy folk-pop under his own name, de Zoete (pronounced “duh-ZOO-tuh”) has channeled the various sounds and influences from those records into Super 8, a six-song EP that reintroduces his melodic gifts and poignant lyricism.

The overarching concept behind Colour Film grew out of a song that de Zoete wrote by that name which became the title track of his last album from 2012. It explored his fascination with his family’s history but also embodied his idea of songs as “little films,” wherein a combination of characters, stories, and emotions create a visual element in the listener’s mind. The six songs on Super 8 achieve de Zoete’s ends brilliantly, with his voice and the shimmering arrangements often echoing the glorious melancholy of Elliott Smith, Badly Drawn Boy, and the Pernice Brothers.

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Colour Film and Ensh | Grimross Brewing Co | Friday, May 13 at 7:30pm | Suggested donation of $10.


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