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The fourth video in a new series created in partnership with Fredericton recording studio – The Recordery.

The Recordery is a recording studio run by award-winning engineers Brad Perry and Evan Hansen.  Between the two of them, they have helped to create some of the city’s most celebrated recordings of the past several years from artists such as Oh No Theodore, Owen Steel, Cellarghost, Mayors, Grand Theft Bus, Andy Brown, The Slate Pacific, Weak Size Fish, The Olympic Symphonium, All of Green, David Myles, Force Fields, Heat and Lights, Scott and the Stars, Share and Kill Chicago to name a handful.

Previously operating independently as both Comptish Studio (Perry) and WYDESKY Recording Studios (Hansen), the two have recently joined forces to create the city’s newest recording studio.

This series was created to showcase some of the region’s best musicians, live in the studio. This time around we’re happy to have Yorks performing their song Trial By Fire.

Audio: Brad Perry & Evan Hansen | Video: Matt Carter | Yorks is Josh Noseworthy, Adam Guidry, Jake Spencer and Mike Nason.

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