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Listen to The Trick’s new single, Inaugurate Me

The Trick released a new single today. Determined to leave their mark on 2017, the band have shared the brand new track, Inaugurate Me, their first and only new recording of 2017.

“This was another completely DIY production, although we did have a couple guests help with the group vocal at the end,” said The Trick’s Patrick Reinartz. “It’s a song I’d been kicking around for a long time and it finally came together after we played it at a few shows this fall. I feel like it’s been gestating for a long time, so I’m just super-happy to get it out there!”

The Trick have managed to release new music each year for the past three years now, since shifting from a solo project by Reinartz into a four-piece group with Mike Nason (guitar), JE Sheehy (bass) and Sean Sullivan (drums).   

Inaugurate Me (which also includes an instrumental mix of Embers) follows 2015’s Fearsome Places EP and last year’s, The Avalanche EP.


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