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The third single from Grand Manan’s self described “defiant recluse” takes an airy, delicate look at love through the lens of island life. 

Matt Carter 

Grand Manan isn’t a place we typically look towards for new, inspiring sounds outside of the relaxing, repetitive flow of waves hitting the shore. But like any tiny island community, the isolation can also be an attraction and a source of inspiration as is the case for island folk musician Carlene. 

Last week Carlene released she third single, When Will You Put That Boat In The Water?, an airy, delicate ballad that reflects island life back on itself as a way to make sense of the bigger world. 

This single is taken from Carlene’s forthcoming debut album that remains a work in progress for the time being.

I’m working really hard to get the album out by spring,” she said. “I’ve been sitting on it for a couple years now, so it’s my main priority.”

You were hanging by a thread already
you could’ve learned to tie a knot
you could’ve screamed, 
you could have fought for it
you had fallen in already
you could’ve learned to swim
you could have kicked your feet
could’ve reached for me

For this release, her first in over a year, Carlene is joined by Marie Andrée Gaudet whose subtle contribution on fiddle offers the ideal complement to the song’s sense of longing and loneliness. When Will You Put That Boat In The Water? was produced and engineered by Mike Trask. 

And be sure to swing by her Bandcamp page to pre-order a new t-shirt design by Nicole Aline Legault that includes a download of the song.

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