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Fredericton band Run the River’s latest single pairs timeless rock riffage with modern day struggles.

Matt Carter

There is one thing you can count on when it comes to entertainment and music, more specifically. What may at one point be considered old or dated will eventually be considered fresh and new again if you have the patience to wait it out or the gumption to lead the charge.  And in no other genre is this fact more clearly represented than with good old rock ‘n roll. All that is required is enough energy to muster a good, consistent (and dare I say, aggressive) toe tappin’, or a steady head nod that lasts from the moment the main rhythm appears to the last decaying cymbal hit. This is the classic rock ‘n roll equation brought into being through the timeless combination of bass, drums, and guitar. Sometimes keys. Sometimes sax. But preferably no sax. Thank you.

Fredericton’s Run the River taps into this classic rock formula with their latest single, Punch the Dark, an ode to exorcising personal demons and overcoming the all too common struggles of depression, anxiety and self-doubt.  With hints of riff rich classic 80’s Canadiana like Loverboy and April Wine, Run the River serve the form well, following The Hip’s path into a deeper exploration of lyrical potential. Frontman Joel Manchester is not belting out his love for someone seemingly disinterested in his advances. He is not challenging someone else’s partner to a fight or a dance-off, or singing about how his car is better than yours. He is addressing real life challenges. Perhaps this is what allows Punch the Dark to stand as strong as it does. 

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