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On this episode of The Pulp (#13), we dive into a bunch of new New Brunswick music with tracks from Little You, Little Me, Sleepy Driver, FM Berlin, Emily Landry and Bit Lip. We also uncover some long lost recordings by Moncton expat Michael Feuerstack and chat with filmmaker Tim Rayne about the ‘concert event of the year’ happening November 2 at the Boyce Farmer’s market in Fredericton.  

Have a listen! 

Learn more about the artists from this episode:

Little You, Little Me 
FM Berlin
Sleepy Driver
Julie Aubé
The Underdogs
Michael Feuerstack
Emilie Landry
Bit Lip

Other topics discussed on this episode:

Download the free Forward Music Group Sampler 17/18 
CHSR Sessions
The Capital Project (Rainmaker Productions) 

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