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An introduction to the world of art licensing

10650002_805143549537087_5869218605112724148_nThe field of art licensing is the reproduction of artistic works for commercial purposes and can encompass a wide variety of styles and types of artwork including; Visual Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography and Surface Design to name a few! This session will cover various topics to give participants a sense of what the art licensing world is all about. What licensing means;  How to get into licensing; negotiating; royalty payments; how to develop a portfolio of images for licensing; preparing digital files for licensing; how to protect your intellectual property; working with agents and contracts; examples of what other people are doing…(success stories); what the Surtex Licensing trade show is all about. This workshop will be presented by Bernard Burton, Executive Director of the Craft Alliance Atlantic Association.

Workshop fee: $25.00 general public, $20.00 NBCC member/NBCCD students.  Spaces are limited. Registration deadline is December 1st, 2014 and please arrange payment upon registration. Exact cash, cheque or credit card accepted. Payable to: New Brunswick Crafts Council, 361 Victoria Street, PO Box 1231, E3B 5C8

To Register, email: or call 506-450-8989

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