Liam Crow takes big steps on Dream Collapse

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The creative progress of composer and arranger William Crocco is a big part of what makes the latest from Liam Crow such an impressive album.

Matt Carter 

From the first Liam Crow release, Some Things That Have Happened Have Not Been for the Best, up to now, the growth and transformation of composer William Crocco is something truly worthy of our applause. Stand up. Slow clap. 

Crocco began releasing music as Liam Crow in 2019.  Since then, his understanding of the creative tools at his disposal and the development of his own skills as a writer and composer have grown exponentially. This creative progress is a big part of what makes his latest release, Dream Collapse, such an impressive album. Following in the path of others who have (re) discovered many of pop music’s foundational tones and sonic tropes through readily available soundbanks, patches and presets – not to mention the popularity of the countless streaming dramas that have found their identity through revisiting sounds and imagery from decades past – Crocco has taken many of these elements with him on his own journey. Dream Collapse is full of melodies that offer immediate appeal and arrangements that can carry a listener deep into layers of complex instrumentation by combining otherwise dated tones with new energy and purpose. Together with scattered narrative samples that serve to break up these seven instrumental tracks, Crocco has crafted a unique listening experience that pairs comfort and caution with equal strength.

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