Lecture: Food Writing, Blogging and Social Media

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Moveable Feast Continues at the Fredericton Public Library October 22

BzWJjHfIQAAplkw.jpg-largeJoin the Fredericton Public Library’s 2014 writer-in-residence and CBC local food columnist Karen Pinchin for her second lecture in a casual four-part series on words, books, and food. Events run from 7pm to 8:30pm at the Fredericton Public Library’s Chickadee Hall. Light snacks and beverages provided. Free!

October 22: Food Writing, Blogging and Social Media

Want to start your own blog or write about food? Want to know the secret to taking an Internet-worthy photo of your dinner? This lecture, which will look at some of the best food writers in the business, will address some of the dos and donts of writing about food in the public eye.

November 5: Food Reviews and Criticism 

Writing about and critiquing food can be a hard job, but someone has to do it. This talk will cover some of the language and methods used by food reviewers and critics, as well as some of the criteria reporters look for when writing about food and restaurants.

November 26: Recipe Building and Writing

Want to turn a treasured family meal into a recipe your can share with your friends?  Ever want to write your own cookbook?  This lecture will cover some of the basics of recipe building, writing and testing, and cover the language and terms you’ll need to write a foolproof recipe.

This series is supported by the City of Fredericton and Friends of the Fredericton Public Library. For more information please call 460-2829 or email ftonpub@gnb.ca

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