Lazermortis and Dillon Ryan Team up for New Single

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Dreamy post-punk meets synth magic on Distant Memory, the new collaborative single from Miramichi’s Dillon Ryan and Saint John synthwaver Lazermortis.

Matt Carter

We have now reached the point when calling someone’s music “a throwback” no longer provides a clear reference to what they are doing. Especially when we are referring to the influence of electronic music’s formidable years. With more and more artists tapping into the infectious, synth-ladden sounds of the 1980’s, what was once defined as being retro is now commonplace. It is all part of the huge cyclical wheel music trends tend to ride. What was once old becomes new again as the sounds of the past mix with new audiences and influences to become something altogether fresh and new. 

Last week, two New Brunswick-based musicians known for their love of 80’s pop and post-punk melodies teamed up to share a new collaboration. Distant Memory blends Miramichi songwriter Dillon Ryan’s melancholic lyricism with Saint John synthwaver Lazermortis’ keen ear for production and composition. The resulting track is part of the new wave of New Wave, something both artists have been channeling over their own recent releases. 

I’ve said it before. I will say it again. Who doesn’t love a good studio collaboration?

Find Distant Memory on your favourite streaming platform. 

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