Kylie Fox teases new album with live music video

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2023 will see a new album from Kylie Fox. Confetti, the album’s first single, arrives on streaming services April 1. 

In advance of her forthcoming album, Kylie Fox and her stellar band stopped by Outreach Productions to film a video for the album’s first single, Confetti. Directed by local filmmaker Ashley Phinney, the video features Fox, Sean Hutchins (guitar), Kelly Waterhouse (keys), Camilo Villamizar (bass), and Ryan Barrie (drums), delivering a live performance of the single ahead of its April 1 release on streaming services. 

In the past, Fox has ben known to draw much ion her songwriting inspiration from her own experiences and those of her close friends. Confetti is no exception. 

A close friend received a message from a long-ago, whirlwind ex last year, and he insinuated that in an alternate universe they’d still be together,” said Fox. “It was a selfish way of poking into a life that had gone on despite him. He was also married.”

There is no alternate universe for us babe
I’m not your scorpio you aren’t my twin flame
So don’t waste my time with elegies of you and me
I was there too
I remember it clearly
The rose and the rust, and the end of the story

Filmed and recorded at Outreach Productions
Director – Ashley Phinney
Project Manager – Lance Blakney
Audio Engineer – Tibor Pece
Confetti gun – Lance Blakney and Kelly Baker
Lights – Ally Keane
Band Photo – Kelly Baker 


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