Kylie Fox and Nikkie Gallant Share New Collaborative Single

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Late Night Skateboard is the second single from Fox and Gallant created as part of the Canadian Songwriter Challenge.

Back in March, New Brunswick’s Kylie Fox and PEI’s Nikkie Gallant shared the first single from their collaboration as part of the Canadian Songwriter Challenge, as organized by Music PEI. Girls’ Room was a sidestep for both musicians, leaving behind their familiar folk and rock influences to explore electronic textures as a meeting place for their distinct voices and clever songwriting. Aided by producer Daniel Ledwell, this trio wrote and recorded a pair of singles. Late Night Skateboard, the second track from this collaboration, was released last week.

“The song is a direct product of where we were in space and time,” said Fox. “The lilacs were lush, the days were growing longer, and we were thinking a lot about how this time of year, and the smell of spring, makes us nostalgic for those end-of-school days wandering the neighborhood with friends.”

Late Night Skateboard captures the nostalgic vibes Fox and Gallant set out to achieve. With lines like, “Homes with their lights on, art on the walls, swimming pools waiting, we’re all waiting for the summer,” Fox and Gallant accurately translate the optimism the sense of loneliness that comes with the end of the school year, a time that can often seem more occupied with questions than relief. And the video, directed by Fox and produced with filmmaker Ariana Marquis, takes the whole concept deeper. 

“The song has taken on so many different meanings for me since we wrote it,” said Gallant. “The bittersweet longings, the concept of enjoying your time with someone when right now might be all you have. I keep coming back to the song and connecting it to new things.”

Late Night Skateboard was released on June 24th, 2022. 

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