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Arts & Craft Wednesdays at Wilser’s Room

10911275_10152966690693958_1150440853798945970_oAs the Dub Antenna take their winter hibernation, FeelsGood and The Capital Complex are proud to bring you your hump day music fix with the acoustic stylings of Mumble ‘n Merle (Mike Humble and Jay Merle) – one half of local favourites, Gordon Gets Lost.

“We’re just hoping to make it fun and inviting for everyone,” said Mike “Mumble” Humble, speaking about their plans for the evening series, which will include music, board games and arts & crafts.  “Jay is kinda shy and never likes to be the centre of attention.  Weird for a guitar player, eh?  So having a night where we are playing music in the background while so many other things are happening is right up his alley.”

The first event takes place on Wednesday January 7, 2015 and will run on Wednesday nights until the end of the month.  But if all goes well, Humble hopes to see the vibe stretch through until the cold weather breaks.

“We are hoping for the whole winter,” he said, “but we will have to see how the response is. By the sounds of the response so far, I think you will see us there until spring.”

Arts and crafts have always been a main component of the FeelsGood vision, hence the open invite for crafters to come on out and spend an evening creating in an appreciative and supportive atmosphere.

“We’ve already had people volunteer to teach knitting, clay creation and even fly tying. It’s really what anyone wants to make it.  If you have a crafty skill that you would like to share, that’s awesome.  Or just come down and learn from someone else.  The sky is the limit.”

As for the music, folks can expect a mix of covers and originals, including many tunes spanning the history of Gordon Gets Lost.

“Since Jay has moved back to NB in the fall, GGL has had yet another rebirth,” said Humble.  “We’re calling it Gordon 5.0.  We’ve been reaching back in the archives and resurrecting old songs, so this will be a great way to dust the cobwebs off of some of our older originals.”

So, grab your knitting basket, your crib board and those old water colours you bought five years ago and take the cold season by the horns.  Wednesdays at Wilser’s Room.  Good times.

Mumble ‘n Merle | Wilser’s Room | Wednesdays in January | 9:00pm | By donation
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