Kill Chicago’s Greg Webber Talks About the Band’s New Album

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Kill Chicago’s new album, The Fix, arrives November 8. Founding member Greg Webber describes what sets this album apart from the band’s 2015 debut. 

Matt Carter

“We really took our time,” said Kill Chicago founder Greg Webber, talking about the band’s new album, The Fix. “When we started the process with Brad [Perry], we were like, ‘let’s never rush this because it doesn’t need to be rushed.'”

Kill Chicago began recording the follow-up to their 2015 debut album, The Grey, back in the fall of 2017. A year and a half later, after a staggering amount of time spent at The Recordery working with co-prodcer Brad Perry, the album’s final mixes were still being tweaked and sorted.

Unlike the band’s first studio experience, which largely involved committing each song to “tape” as they had been rehearsed for weeks or months prior, the creation of The Fix involved a great deal of experimentation involving sounds and structures, and perhaps more importantly, the entire process benefitted from each member’s input. All ideas and suggestions were considered. As a result, the band’s forthcoming record is one that truly reflects Kill Chicago’s vision and collective strength as an ensemble.  

“I think there are some moments where the band really took some chances,” said Webber. “We tried to do something that pushed us a little bit and made us excited. I like that it really is four people’s wants.

“I think all of us went into this thinking, ‘if this were to be the last thing we record, let’s make sure we’re happy with it…let’s treat this like precious time together.”

We’ll explore the album in greater detail in the coming weeks but in the meantime, enjoy this brief window into the creation of The Fix

Big thanks to Kill Chicago for allowing our cameras in the studio on more than one occasion to help document the process. 

The Fix will be officially released November 8. 

Upcoming Release Shows:

Nov. 8 | The Capital | Fredericton, NB
Nov. 9 | Tide and Boar Gastro Pub | Moncton, NB
Nov. 15 | Callie’s Pub | Saint John, NB


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