Kill Chicago Play The Cap This Week

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Kill Chicago was the last band to play The Cap before the lockdown. This week the band returns to Fredericton’s premier live music venue for a show on Wednesday night. 

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The Cap’s Wednesday night concert series continues this week with Kill Chicago. It’s been nearly six months since the band has played in front of a live audience and they’re very excited to plug in and play their favourite haunt once again.

“It’s pretty surreal for us because we were the last band to play the stage at The Cap before the world shut down,” said Kill Chicago’s Greg Webber. “We are very excited to play in front of real people again. It feels almost the same as when I was 15 and doing this for the first time; like what do I say to the audience and do I even remember how to do this? We played a few streaming concerts and the feeling was so bizarre and unnatural, so this is going to be a real trip for sure.”

Webber’s love for The Cap extends beyond the band’s drummer, Zach Atkinson, who owns and operates the business. To show his support for the venue during the initial stages of the COVID lockdown, Webber sold and hand delivered copies of the band’s latest album ‘The Fix’, forwarding all proceeds to support The Cap staff. 

“My thinking on it was that I’ve had so many fun times on that stage while they bussed tables and took tickets and the like. This was just a small gesture to show my appreciation for all they do,” said Webber. 

Kill Chicago’s latest album ‘The Fix’ was released November 9, 2019. 

Kill Chicago | September 2 | The Cap patio | 7 p.m. | View Event 

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