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Fredericton’s 86&8 proudly embrace the hooks and grooves that helped define 90s rock.  

Matt Carter

There are a lot of critics out there who say rock and roll is dead. As a genre that is continuously being divided and sub-divided into smaller and smaller categories of distinction, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture. From shoe gaze, to alternative, prog, folk, psych, blues and other forms of guitar-based music that continue to populate our senses, let’s face it – rock and roll is alive and well. We may never see another group reach the level of Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or even Nirvana for that matter, but that doesn’t mean the genre has been put on ice. Far from it. 

Don’t believe me? You can hear it for yourself this Friday when Kill Chicago and Square Dance Kid (Jon Bowie) take to The Capital stage with local scene newcomers 86&8.  

“86&8 is a group of guys that started their individual musical journey in the 90s and although we have a wide variety of musical interests, there’s something about that time and sound that’s just a bit more special to us and that’s the vibe that we want to be apparent in our songs,” said 86&8 guitarist Ryan Gallen.

“We’re a Fredericton-based band and all of us are from New Brunswick. We all play in other bands too. We’ve got guys from Chips, Yorks, Honey Gut and Addison’s Way. Myself and the other guitar player used to play in Hungry Hearts together a few years back.”

86&8 have so far released a pair of singles, two tracks that proudly demonstrate their collective love of the hooks and catchy choruses that shaped radio rock in the 1990s. For those of a certain vintage, their sound is familiar and welcoming, and for some, it’s the foundation that still guides their musical tastes to this day. 

“We just love playing music,” he said. “It’s the greatest outlet and helps us find balance in our lives. The band is just an homage to our decade of choice. We like silly songs, love songs that aren’t about love and guitars that can turn on a dime between melodic and greasy.”

86&8 are currently working on their debut EP, tentatively titled, Needs Pepper.  Catch them at The Capital this week. 

Kill Chicago + 86&8 + Square Dance Kid | June 28 | The Capital Complex | View Event



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