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Keegan Dobbelsteyn releases debut album, Me And All My Friends.

Matt Carter | @m_j_c73

coverMe And All My Friends is the debut release from Fredericton based musician Keegan Dobbelsteyn.  Landing somewhere between an ambitious EP or a conservative full length recording, this seven song collection is a solid introduction to Dobbelsteyn’s voice as a songwriter and a performer.

This aptly titled collection features numerous guest musicians contributing instrumentation and backing vocals throughout each of these roots-rock influenced tracks.  While not breaking any new ground, Dobbelsteyn and company offer up some strong songwriting and arrangements, well suited for fans of popular East Coast acts like Hey Rosetta! and The Fortunate Ones.  The first single, Losing Sleep, which was released in February, is a great example, blending Dobbelsteyn’s voice with moving harmonies and uplifting cello and trombone accompaniment. It’s a beautiful track and a standout on the album.

Dobbelsteyn displays his broad creative vision with confidence and draws on many influences across these seven mid-to-slow tempo tracks, leaving little doubt of the direction he plans to follow.  I’d love to see him team up with a producer like Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant/Andy Brown) or Tim Baker (Hey Rosetta!) on a future release.

Me And All My Friends is a great introduction to a strong new voice in East Coast music.

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