Joyful Noise release debut album

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‘Cocoloco’ is an adventurous mix of overlapping melodies and deep grooves played with the utmost precision.

Matt Carter


Cocoloco is the debut album from Fredericton-based instrumental trio Joyful Noise. Formed in 2015 by three veteran musicians whose combined list of credits amount to a staggering range of styles and feels, the band’s mix of over the top rock and fusion influences combine everything they’ve learned as individual contributors to various projects over the years. But you have to listen closely, as nothing stays the same for more than a breath.

On top of drummer Jason Berube’s solid, tasteful playing which both grounds and guides the group’s rhythmic direction, bassist Camilo Villamizar and guitarist Corey McNeill effortlessly shift and sway through overlapping melodies and deep grooves. Joyful Noise is skillful playing at its finest.

Tracks like Gimmie D’dart and the album’s title track Cocoloco feature some of the album’s most adventurous playing with McNeill and Villamizar trading melody lines (our chasing them) in a way that seems as natural as breathing, their rapid-fire call and answer demanding attention and commanding every inch of space between bars.

Clocking in at just over 33 minutes, Cocoloco is a well-paced and exhilarating ride.

Bonus: Want to own it on vinyl? Pre-orders are now open


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