Josh The Killer releases ‘Letter To Mom’

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Nigerian-born, Fredericton-based musician shares new track just in time for Mother’s Day.

Josh The Killer is the performance alias of Fredericton-based musician Josh Okorie.

“For me, music is a way of translating my emotions into words and sounds,” said Okorie. “I always try to transfer my emotions to my listeners and overwhelm them with it, hence ‘kill them’. That’s why I chose Josh the Killer as my moniker.”

This week, JTK released his new single Letter To Mom, a track he hopes other people will want to share with their mothers as well. 

“I wrote the song in 2015 just about a week before Mother’s Day,” said Okorie. “It was the perfect way for me to express how I felt. I missed my mom and was thinking about home a lot during that period, so I was in the right mood to write. I couldn’t afford to send a gift back home at the time so I figured I’d put my talent to use.”

A recent graduate of the University of New Brunswick’s electrical engineering program, Okorie came to Canada at the age of 17 as an international student.

“At first, it was hard, but I settled in quite fast,” said Okorie.  “I made new friends here, and now Canada my second home. Singing was really the first ‘music thing’ I started to do, and through the years, I developed other skills.  When I was 13, I used to sing like Beyonce, but I got older and now I sound like Jayonce.

“Today, I write, rap, sing, produce music and crack bad jokes,” he said. “I just love creating and finding new ways to do things, and that’s why I love music. It’s just a perfect way for me to express myself.”


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