Jennah Barry Announces New Brunswick “Holiday”

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Jennah Barry makes her Forward Music Group debut in 2020 with her second album, Holiday. Ahead of the album’s March 27 release date, Barry will play shows in Perth-Andover, St. Andrews and Sackville in February.

Matt Carter
Photo by Kira Curtis

Simply put, Jennah Barry’s forthcoming album is a beautiful record. Holiday is a striking mix of delicate vocal work and fragile instrumentation, full of poetic self-examination and romantic reflection.

“You know when you were a kid, listening to music on headphones, and put your head against the window, pretending to be in a movie?” said Barry. “Pretty much everything I write, I want that feeling. I want everyone who listens to lean their head against the backseat of a car, dreaming about their life.”

Like a long lost family heirloom rediscovered in a purge of attic clutter, Holiday is equal parts nostalgia and of-the-moment. Delivered through a deliberate haze on 70s era tones, Barry’s writing carries with it an air of vastness and soothing contemplation. Lullabies for grownups. 

Barry will weave her way through some of the province’s rural communities in February.

Holiday will be released March 27 on Forward Music Group. 

Upcoming Performances: 

December 6 | Halifax, NS |The Syrup Factory
December 7 | Bedford, NS | Bedford House Concerts
February 6 | Tatamagouche, NS | Ice House
February 7 | Perth-Andover, NB | House Concert
February 8 | St. Andrews, NB | Winter Warmer festival
February 9 | Sackville, NB | Thunder & Lightning

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