Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund Receives New Funding

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The Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund receives funding from NB Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture for Pilot Mentorship Project.


Substantial funding from the Department of Tourism, Heritage, and Culture was recently approved for the Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund Mentorship Engagement Program. This pilot program is being coordinated through the Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund. The Arts and Culture Branch provided the grant through the Strategic Initiatives Fund – Growth and Development Component. The Jane LeBlanc Legacy Fund is an incorporated, non-profit multidisciplinary arts support organization with a mission to support artists, creative community organizations, and events in New Brunswick and the Atlantic region with funding, mentorship, and support activities. The fund was created in 2021 by the LeBlanc family.

“We are thrilled about this funding and the Department of Tourism, Heritage, and Culture’s support for our creative outreach project,” says fund President Cat LeBlanc.

The Jane LeBlanc (JL) Legacy Fund Mentorship Engagement Program is a pilot participant-driven program that connects a selected group of emerging creatives in film, video, photography, visual art, acting, music, writing, and theatre with creative professionals who will provide high-level advice and networking opportunities to help them take their projects or objectives to the finish line. Through the program, successful applicants will receive mentorship and guidance for a full year including workshops, master classes, in-conversations, and TED-style talks with well-known New Brunswick, Canadian, and International creative specialists. Mental health specialists are also involved with the program to nurture the participants and their mentors on their journey. The program seeks to also engage with underrepresented communities and artists in rural areas.

The mentors in the different creative disciplines are confirmed and a full schedule is ready to roll out for this one-year pilot program which will run from September 2023 to October 2024. 

Learn more at www.janeleblanclegacyfund.com

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