Jamie Comeau Makes Solo Debut with “I Was A Boy”

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Saint John songwriter Jamie Comeau takes a break from his band to release his first solo single.


Matt Carter

Over the past five years or so, Saint John musician Jamie Comeau has proven, time and time again, his ability to pen a fine song as the driving force behind his band, Jamie Comeau and the Crooked Teeth. Mixing straight-ahead rock and roll with healthy doses of roots and Americana across one full length album and a handful of singles, Comeau’s signature rasp has long existed as its own instrument, holding its own within the band’s winning combination of big riffs and high energy.

And now (as they say), for something completely different.

Comeau’s latest release stands in clear contrast to the scruffy anthems of his full ensemble. As his first solo single, I Was A Boy, reveals a different side to his songwriting with acoustic guitar and wonderful, subtle harmonies (c/o Catherine Kennedy and Gage Kelly) carrying forward one of his most heartfelt compositions to date.

“The song speaks on the loss of my mother and the memories surrounding my youthful innocence, and ignorance of understanding her burdens,” said Comeau. “It pays homage to her and the hardships she faced, while speaking on time and how it slips through our fingers so quickly.”

Supported by some stunning production work helping to provide enough lift and optimism to keep your tears at bay (or open the flood gates, depending on how you roll), I Was A Boy, recorded by Corey Bonnevie at Monopolized Studios, is a beautiful love song full of gratitude, respect, and cherished memories.

Comeau is currently working on a full album of solo material as well as a new Crooked Teeth record.

Photo by Naomi Peters.

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