Intuition: Tension & Colour

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New exhibit at Charlotte Glencross Gallery features the work of Sheila Howell and Teodora Strynatka.

csacIntuition: Tension & Colour, is the newest exhibition in the Charlotte Glencross Gallery in the Charlotte Street Arts Centre.

From artist Sheila Howell, I draw very often now but I still feel a tension between line and colour.  I had been trying to work around this until recently when I realized I could successfully express this tension I often feel…”

From artist Teodora Strynatka, ” As an artist, I am interested in exploring places and the states of mind they inspire. As an immigrant, I carry the memories and the “feel “of places and stories from my homeland within me. I am fascinated by how powerful these memories are… I go back to my homeland for inspiration and to recover pieces of my personal history. Painting these places brings me even closer to my homeland, in magical ways. As I envision my future, I reconnect with the land of my ancestors, a place of beauty and turmoil, a crossroads of cultures and spirited creativity.”
This beautiful exhibition by two enchanting artists will be open to the public from June 26th until August 17th in the Charlotte Glencross Gallery of the Charlotte Street Arts Centre.  Meet the artists on June 26th, from 5:00 – 6:30 pm at the opening reception.

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