I’m Putting My Money on DakhaBrakha

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Cutting Edge Folk Music? Yes, that’s a thing.

Matt Carter | @m_j_c73

DakhaBrakha (4)Whether you’re looking for an exciting evening of entertainment, or simply hoping to brush up on your knowledge of cutting-edge Ukrainian folk music (let’s face it, you’re probably looking to do both – it is February after all), Grid City Magazine highly recommends checking out DakhaBrakha at the Fredericton Playhouse, Thursday February 4, 2016.

With haunting harmonies whispered and screamed, and an eclectic mix of acoustic instrumentation, DakhaBrakha may very well be the most exciting show of the season to hit a downtown stage. We know it’s really early to make such a bold statement but seriously folks, there is simply no other group quite like DakhaBrakha.

As Consequence of Sound writer and photographer Nina Corcoran wrote in her review of DakhaBrakha’s 2015 performance during Le Festival d’été de Québec, “proving they’re worth your time is taken care of in a matter of minutes so long as you give them a chance”.

All too often we as an audience choose to pass on the unfamiliar because well, we’re unfamiliar. But DakhaBrakha are deliberately unfamiliar in the way that a group like Primus is unfamiliar. It’s deliberate. It’s art, and there’s an undeniable beauty in that.

Taking a chance on music, especially “out-there” folk music can be rewarding in much the same way as a visit to an art gallery. You rarely know what to expect but nine times out of ten, you leave satisfied, recharged and most importantly, you’ve had an experience that you’ll remember for years to come.

See you at the show!

DakhaBrakha | Fredericton Playhouse | February 4, 2016 | 7:30 p.m. | Buy Tickets

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