House Concert with Tom Savage

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Grid City Magazine - Tom SavageRoots and Soul Music Room – April 9, 2015

The wrong side of town, endless roads traveled, longing for home, and the hope for love Рthese are the themes that find their way into much of Tom Savage’s song writing.

Tom has devoted the past twenty years to the creation of songs. Waiting for them to come to him or dragging them out of the ether kicking and screaming. Letting them linger on the edges of his psyche until they are just right, or scribbling them down on the page with reckless abandon. Ten minutes from the seed of an idea to a finished product. Every song is different and is meant to serve a purpose and tell a story.

A prolific writer, Tom has released six recordings of original music and penned hundreds of songs. In 2012 he challenged himself to write, record, and post online, a song for every week of the year. Dubbed the Song-A-Week Challenge, the project allowed people a unique glimpse into the song writing process and left Savage with a new, workmanlike approach to song writing.

He is currently in the process of recording his seventh album, as well as working on songs with his new band, the country-tinged Foley Mountain Playboys.

Tom Savage | Roots and Soul Music Room | April 9, 2015 | $10 Donation | More Info

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