Hot Garbage Players Bring Spooky Soup to The Cap

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Fredericton’s improv ambassadors make their long awaited return to The Cap stage this weekend.

Matt Carter 

Fredericton’s Hot Garbage Players will be back on stage this weekend with Spooky Soup, their first performance since the beginning of the pandemic. 

“The show is called Spooky Soup, which to us means something hearty and good that sticks to your ribs with lots of different things thrown in, a little stand up, some wacky improv games and a dollop of a short scene to polish it all off,” said Jenn Flewelling, one of three performers involved in the show.

“It’s our first show back since the beginning of COVID-19 as well the first show with myself, Anthony Bryan,and Alex Rioux at the helm with Jean-Michel Cliche guiding us along. We’re excited to be debuting a new format with lots of the improv that people have come to love from HGP. And because The Cap has always been a home for HGP, we’ll be donating a portion of the proceeds to support their Keep It Alive campaign.”

Over the past few years, HGP have helped build an audience for live on-stage improv comedy through regular performances at The Cap. Bringing together a number of comedians and theatre artists to create one of a kind performances, the group have helped bring new voices to the stage including many first time performers. 

Prior to the COVID lockdown, members of HGP had begun experimenting with new formats in storytelling, sketch comedy and performance, adapting an anything goes approach to their work as a way to play off the strengths and creative interests of all involved. 

“Because it’s our first show back we wanted to showcase some of the new formats we’ll be exploring including standup comedy as well as traditional improv games and a scene just like the classic HGP we’ve all grown up on,” said Flewelling.

“I would describe it as a chill and spooky night, where you can laugh with friends and maybe get a fright! We’re hoping the audience will grab a spoon and dig into some spooky soup with us.”

Spooky Soup | Oct. 31 | 4 p.m. | The Cap | View Event 

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