Honey Gut Share First New Songs of 2020

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The release of Buried Alive/Ghost of the Tundra comes with news of the band’s forthcoming debut album.

Matt Carter

If you were every interested in following a band’s evolution over time, Honey Gut makes for an interesting study. Since posting their first tracks back in 2016 as part of their year-long new music endeavor, Project 45, Ollie LeBlanc and Joshua Sangster have made their development as songwriting collaborators open for all to hear. Through experiments in recording and production techniques as well as song structure and delivery, Honey Gut have found their audience among the musically curious.

But it’s been over a year now since the pair have teamed up to share something new from their home studio. Beginning with the release of the B-side single Ghost of the Tundra which appeared on the CHSR/The Cap fundraising compilation Postponed: The Mixtape, the duo have returned to form with the release of the two sided digital single, Buried Alive.  

“Buried Alive was written a few months back. It’s a pretty straight forward song about my mental state at the time and mental health issues in general,” said Sangster. “It’s totally unrelated to COVID, as it was written before all this, but it certainly feels extra relevant now. Both songs are part of an upcoming album. They’re close to their final form.”

The band posted a Zoom-style performance video of the lead single last week shortly after streaming a full-hour performance. Both videos are available on the band’s Facebook page.

More information on Honey Gut’s debut album coming soon.


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