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In our series Home Scene, Grid City asks music fans to share what they love most about the city’s music culture. Live music enthusiast and blogger Emma Chevarie shares her insight into Fredericton’s musical happenings.

UntitledWhat’s your favourite music venue in the city?

Depending on what experience I’m looking for, I’d say The Fredericton Playhouse offers the best sound and sit-down listening room and The Capital/Wilser’s Room provides a more intimate, maybe even interactive, atmosphere for shows.

The one Fredericton band more people should know about but don’t.

Sugar Bomb – Motown & Soul Tribute band are a ton of fun with their great sound which will be so familiar to so many and they look the part too! All great musicians in the band.  Jonnie Price who is one of the best guitar players around and Kelly Waterhouse is a powerhouse on vocals and saxophone.

Of course I`d also say more people should be following Josh Bravener & the Hypochondriacs because this young man is already charming people of all ages with his ability to draw you into his story lines and skillfully brings the audience along on a journey.

Name your favourite recent release by a Fredericton artist.

Sleepy Driver`s Ignatius is a collection of great song writing backed up by very skilled musicians.

If a live music experience could be summed up as a combination of time, place and artist, tell us about one show you’ve seen this year that ranks high on your list.

Live music affects me in many different ways and I’ve been fortunate to experience some amazing shows in many locations. I drove to New York State this summer to catch a band that doesn’t ever get to this area. The show was in a small bar and we were up close and personal with the performance. It was great!

However I don’t always have to travel for a great musical experience. A show that will stands out to me as one of the best was a Friday evening at the Cedar Tree Cafe with Steve Poltz. It was again an intimate show and he had us engaged from the minute he started the show. We laughed, cried, sang and some even danced! When a crowd is gathered for a common purpose, to hear the music and stories that accompany them, something special almost always happens! The sound vibrations of live music can break through our exteriors to stir up feelings. That is where the magic happens!

Live music culture is an important part of Fredericton’s identity. If you could improve one aspect of the city’s music scene, what would it be?

I would like to have live music be more accessible to a larger population. Not everyone is able or willing to attend shows starting at 10PM which is the majority of what is offered. I think Fredericton would really benefit by having a coffee house style venue. A listening room with earlier start times and a real focus on the artist being presented.

Looking to the months ahead, what upcoming show is on your radar as a “must see”?

There are a couple festival events coming our way in October that I`m looking forward to checking out. First up is MNB Festival taking place October 16-19 at various venues including the Capital, James Joyce Irish Pub and Charlotte Street Arts Centre. These shows will showcase all New Brunswick artists, such as Olympic Symphonium, Julie Doiron, The BackYard Devils, Sleepy Driver and many more. The festival will wrap up with the MNB awards show at the Market on the Sunday.

I am also looking forward to the Pre-Pop Fest happening at The Capital October 20-25. I`m especially looking forward to seeing Wooden Sky on the 22nd and look forward to discovering new-to-me bands as they make a stop in Fredericton on their way to The Halifax Pop Explosion.

Emma’s passion for the live music experience has led her to make every effort to know what’s going on where & when, and as a means of sharing that with you she set up her music blog, Music Runs Through It. We encourage you to use it as your musical resource to know where you can find musical entertainment happening in Fredericton. Emma is also a contributing blogger with Fredericton Tourism.

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