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In our series Home Scene, Grid City asks music fans to share what they love most about the city’s music culture. This time we check in with musician Mike Humble.

Photo: Jack Harris
Photo: Jack Harris

Tell us about the bands you play in.

I play in a couple of bands, the busiest being Earthbound Trio, a funky folk band from all-over-the-place, NB. We just released our second album Ditch Flowers over the weekend and things are really going well for us. We’ve had a great couple of years with two tours to Ontario, a trip to NFLD, a couple of awards nominations and the Harvest Rising Star win that really kicked things into another gear for us.

I’ve played percussion in Gordon Gets Lost for 10 years now. We don’t play as much as we used to, but we still get together and make people dance. It’s been a crazy ride with those fellas with lots of ups and downs, but we are definitely musical brothers.

I started playing drums in The Sticky Bandits last year and it’s been really fun to play some old country ragtime music with an ever changing cast of friends. We are releasing our first EP soon and are heading up to Ontario to promote it in October.

I also write some silly guitar songs that I like to sing around campfires and house shows and am generally up for playing percussion with just about anyone.

Name one Fredericton band more people should know about but don’t.

I am gonna have to go with Camilo on this one and say Hum and Hollow. They are really writing great music and really carving out their own sound. I like them a lot.

Name your favourite recent release by a Fredericton artist.

I haven’t listened to the entire Kill Chicago album yet, but I really like what they are doing, its real music by real people. I think their Live to Work song really hits home for folks in the Maritimes.

If a live music experience could be summed up as a combination of time, place and artist, tell us about one show you’ve seen this year that ranks high on your list.

I might be a little biased here, but the All of Green reunion at Folly Fest this year has been my highlight. The guys in the band were visibly excited and nervous but they just killed it. The crowd was either singing along to every word, or asking ‘Who are these guys?’.  It was a great introduction to a whole new generation for a band that was very influential to the Fredericton scene. I’m really happy to know that they are going to be playing more shows and that FeelsGood had a little hand in making it happen.

Live music culture is an important part of Fredericton’s identity. If you could improve one aspect of the city’s music scene, what would it be?

I think more folks should be supporting Eddie Young with what he is doing with Roots & Soul Music. He’s working his butt off to give touring bands a place to play in Freddy at various non-traditional venues. There isn’t really a place for singer songwriters to play and Eddie is doing his best to fill that void.

Looking to the months ahead, what upcoming show is on your radar as a “must see”?

After Harvest I haven’t really looked much to the future. I know I’m busy for the next month with EBT CD release shows and then a Sticky tour and then back in time for Festival 506 in Moncton. I do think that it’s important for Fredericton to keep supporting the live music scene that happens 52 weeks of the year, not just one week in September.

But I guess something that I’m looking forward to is going to see Whitehorse with my niece at the Playhouse….that’ll be fun.

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