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In our series Home Scene, Grid City asks music fans to share what they love most about the city’s music culture. This time we check in with Scumlord’s Kyle Albright.

Photo: Brody LeBlanc

What have you been listening too lately?

Lately I have been listening to Vancouver’s BAPTISTS newest album Bloodmines. I highly recommend anyone who is a fan of thrash and hardcore to check this band out. On a lighter side of things, the band Tycho’s newest album Awake is simply beautiful and the perfect soundtrack for anytime of day.

Most anticipated local release of 2015?

I’m going to have to agree with Shawn Smith and say Mangler from Sussex. I’ve only had the chance to see them once and they blew me away.

As for the Fredericton area, I can’t wait to see what comes from the new band SPINES and of course the best band name going, Brookside Mall.

Name the one Fredericton band you believe more people should know about.

I must admit, for anyone who hasn’t heard of Hard Charger, they need to stop what they are doing and go listen to them right now. I always have a place in my heart for loud, fast and greasy tunes.

Live music culture is an important part of Fredericton’s identity. If you could improve one aspect of the city’s music scene, what would it be?

I recently read the article about people coming out to shows earlier and have to agree 100%. There are so many good bands that get put onto a bill that the majority of people who come out at midnight miss. I’m guilty of being one of those people but have been trying to do my best and go when the show actually starts.

Looking back at the past year, what would you consider to be an important highlight for the city arts scene?

One of the biggest highlights thus far was Shivering Songs. The line up this year was amazing, everything was so organized and everyone I talked with had such a great time. Personally seeing Andy Shauf was a dream come true and I am so thankful to everyone involved with that great festival.

The Shifty Bits Circus was also awesome! Kudos to the Cult for such a wicked time.

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