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In our series Home Scene, Grid City asks music fans to share what they love most about the city’s music culture. This time we check in with your friendly neighbourhood songwriter, Cedric Noel.

Cedric Noel
Photo: Kaitie Woodhouse

What have you been listening too lately?

Oh boy, lots! Which is great right? I finally got to give the new Barr Brothers record a chance and everything I was told/read about was pretty much spot on. I’m not too shy to say it’s somewhat of a masterpiece.  Land of Talk will always be on whatever playlist I have.  I’ve also been listening to the Low Anthem, they played at the Playhouse a few years ago and it was the set that changed everything for me musically. Their live show is something else.

Most anticipated local release of 2015?

Young. Satan. In. Love.  All the way man. I wanna hear dem tracks!  They’ve got such a spectacular live show, I can only imagine it‘ll translate well on a record. Matt Legere (Waking Night) has been working on some solo stuff. I’m curious. I’m waiting. I know Force Fields have been sitting on some tunes for a good while now. They’re stellar. Hopefully the world gets to hear them, I’m sure a lot of us would be grateful.

Name the one Fredericton band you believe more people should know about.

Firstly, I think most Fredericton bands could stand to be heard more. Other than during Harvest and perhaps Shivering Songs, a large majority of the city really doesn’t take advantage of the shows being put on through the year.

Can I name two acts? Union Suit for starters, Tate has got it going on. Go challenge yourselves people! The other is Hard Charger, because they work so damn hard and tour a ridiculous amount more than most bands in town. They appear to have such a respected profile nationally and internationally. I’m super proud to say that Hard Charger is from Fredericton.

Live music culture is an important part of Fredericton’s identity. If you could improve one aspect of the city’s music scene, what would it be?

We need more women in the scene! It’s something I can’t help but notice each time I go out to see a show. At many shows, independent of venue, the bill won’t include a single female musician. Obviously this isn’t a solely a problem in Fredericton, but we can surely do our part by seeking out new talent and inspiring the younger generations of women and girls to pick up an instrument and create. We have so many talented people playing music in this city.  We need to make sure they feel welcome.

Looking back at the past year, what would you consider to be an important highlight for the city arts scene?

There have been a few – Shiftwork, Shifty Bits and what you’re doing here with Grid City, but personally, I’d have to say Shivering Songs. I really think it’s important for musicians in Fredericton to have the opportunity to see high calibre performers and see that it can be an attainable goal. I also find that quiet music is often overlooked in a lot of younger circles and I must think seeing musicians like Owen Pallett or Peter Broderick has to inspire a few kids.

Cedric Noel has been playing music in Fredericton for the past several years, writing some of the most honest, heartfelt songs we’ve heard. He is rumoured to be putting the finishing touches on his first major solo release and a debut release from Sentimentals may or may not surface sometime in 2015.  Stay tuned for more on Cedric’s music, coming soon. 

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