Home Scene: More Inclusion with the Non-Arts Community

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In our series Home Scene, Grid City asks music fans to share what they love most about the city’s music culture. This time we check in with incredibly sincere songwriter Oscar Tecu.

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What have you been listening too lately?

I honestly didn’t really get into Mac Demarco until around this year but I probably listen to his 2nd album twice a day. I find his music chills me out and I don’t have to think too much while I listen to it.  A friend of mine showed me Viet Cong a few weeks ago and I find myself listening to their most recent release daily.  On my slow and stormy days I can’t help but to go back to Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest. It is a magical album that brings back wonderful/haunting memories, and it’s a piece of art I will forever carry in my heart.

Most anticipated local release of 2015? 

Josh Bravener and the Hypochondriacs!  I love the new songs and I can’t wait to hear them recorded.

Name the one Fredericton band you believe more people should know about.

People should definitely know about Force Fields!  No band has ever made me feel all my emotions at the same time except Force Fields. If I ever get married, I hope they play at my wedding.  Also Elephants Gerald! I was at their last show and they kind of blew my mind a little bit.

Live music culture is an important part of Fredericton’s identity. If you could improve one aspect of the city’s music scene, what would it be?

I think that more inclusion with the non-arts community needs to happen. Sometimes I go to shows and realize that the crowd is mostly musicians, which is awesome because it shows how supportive we are with each other, but I think that the arts community would be even bigger and better if we reach out to the rest of the Fredericton community and show them what a wonderful music and arts scene we have.

Looking back at the past year, what would you consider to be an important highlight for the city arts scene? 

Shifty BIts Circus was definitely a highlight for me. I think it was a very good representation of how diverse and rich our arts scene is. Another highlight for me was a community arts meeting that the Shifty Bits Cult hosted last week. It was nice to see people come out despite the crappy weather to talk about art!

Oscar plays and writes in a band called Nuages. You should definitely check them out!


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