Holiday Classics at the Playhouse

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Symphony New Brunswick and the Fredericton Symphony Orchestra bring holiday performances to the Fredericton Playhouse just in time for Christmas.

Matt Carter
Martin Kutnowski is one of three guest conductors to lead Symphony New Brunswick’s holiday performance Winter Delights, December 19 at the Playhouse.

The Fredericton Playhouse has long played an important role in shaping the holiday traditions for countless families throughout the Greater Fredericton Area. For more than 50 years, the popular downtown concert venue has hosted regular events that for some, have become essential in defining the holiday season by bringing friends and families together with the broader community to share some Christmas cheer. Whether it be a holiday performance by Theatre New Brunswick, Dance Fredericton’s annual production of The Nutcracker, or any number of touring holiday shows, there is an undeniable magic many people feel when they step through the front doors of the building and find themselves surrounded by friends and strangers alike, all beaming with holiday excitement. 

At a time when many holiday traditions have been completely upended, upcoming performances by Symphony New Brunswick and the Fredericton Symphony Orchestra are certain to offer the fix many local audiences are craving right about now. 

On December 19, Symphony New Brunswick’s Winter Delights tour will wrap up a rescheduled three performance series on the Playhouse stage under the direction of guest conductors Martin Kutnowski, Richard Kidd and Andrew Creeggan with soloist Andrew George, Clarinet. 

The Fredericton Symphony Orchestra will also be back on stage December 22 to present its second annual holiday concert with a program of seasonal favourites with guest soloist Sally Dibblee. 

If you’ve been craving a powerful holiday music experience, both of these shows are sure to set your spirits alight. 

Tickets for both performances are on sale now in-person or by phone. Visit for more information. 


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