Hold it/Cold Blue, Cold Brown

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Saint John’s Tasty Wangs have partnered with Chainsaw Boogie from Moncton to release a split cassette.

split tapeBorn out of beer and bowling, Hold it/Cold Blue, Cold Brown is a six-pack of 80s punk fury with a healthy dose of humour. Both bands offer up two original tracks and one cover each, with Tasty Wangs delivering an ass-kicking version of Chainsaw Boogie’s Freightline Woman (that may or may not include a jaw harp solo) and Chainsaw Boggie return the favour with their version of ‘The Wangs’ classic, Our Father.

“Our bands first met, oddly enough, as rival bowling teams,” said Tasty Wangs’ Greg Carter. “Some nights they would win; some nights we would. This would leave a bitter taste of resentment among all involved. One time, Ron (Chainsaw Boogie bassist) snapped the head off a trophy we won and threw it down a lane in a fit of rage.

“One magic evening in 2010, Mike (Tasty Wangs guitarist) was sitting at a local bar when a band took to the stage. He couldn’t believe his eyes or ears. It was Chainsaw Boogie, and they were playing some of the wildest rock n roll that he has heard in years. He called Sean (Tasty Wangs drummer) and demanded that he get to the bar as fast as he could. We’ve been best buds ever since.”

So simple, yet so complex. Possibly the best $5 you’ll spend this week.


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