Hip Hop Open Mic Returns to The Cap

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Fredericton DJ hopes monthly hip hop event will build community and encourage more artists to get involved. 

Monark performing at The Cap. Photo: Grid City Magazine
Matt Carter

It’s been a while since The Cap played host to a regular hip hop event. But that’s about to change. 

Beginning this Wednesday, The Cap will host a monthly Hip Hop Open Mic night. The event, hosted by local DJ Frank Mack, will be an ongoing showcase taking place on the first Wednesday of each month. 

“I think hip hop open mic nights are important to the local scene because it’s going to give people an opportunity to perform songs in front of like minded individuals and will give people a chance to try new things before bringing them to the main stage at an actual show,” said Mack. “It’s also super important for networking. This event will give everyone a chance to meet other people in the industry and in the rap scene who might not get a chance to meet otherwise.”

Each Hip Hop Open Mic will include freestyle sessions, new artist showcases and time for artists to network, forge new connections and if all goes according to plan, help strengthen the local hip hop scene.

“I’ve watched the scene struggle to find its footing over the last few years and I think this is the perfect way to do so,” said Mack. “It’s 100% inspired by the original open mic night that happened on the same night, at the same venue close to 20 years ago! The nights will feature showcases, freestyles and will eventually evolve to include more.”

It all starts this week.

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Hip Hop Open Mic | July 6 | The Cap | Fredericton, NB | 8:30 – Midnight  

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