Hero and Crain and Prine?

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Alt-Hip Hop duo Stephen Hero X Brydon Crain reinterpret John Prine’s ‘Please Don’t Bury Me’ on latest single.

Matt Carter

The sky’s the limit for the New Brunswick duo Stephen Hero X Brydon Crain. Following a steady feed of oddball beats and street poetry that began in July of 2020 with the release of their single Screw Loose, Saint John rapper Stephen Hero and Fredericton beatmaker Brydon Crain (Motherhood) offer up their take on the John Prine classic, Please Don’t Bury Me.

This latest single is the fifth to surface from the EP, Stephen Hero & Brydon Crain. Following the song’s story of a protagonist who wakes up and abruptly dies, Hero builds on the lyrical theme above Crain’s bass-heavy beat, complete with an angelic hook that skillfully ties the song together.

The accompanying video is the first to feature both artists. Shot and edited by Josh Hooper, the video also contributes to the project’s evolving story arch that began with the idea of piecing together found or stock footage to create a visual accompaniment for each track; an idea that held for just the first two singles before shifting into other avenues, helping to add a bit of mystery to each forthcoming single.

Where will they take us next? There is only one song left from this EP. New music? Let’s hope! 


The first single from Stephen Hero and Brydon Crain’s “alt-rap Saint John poetry” collaboration has arrived. 

Saint John rapper Stephen Hero shares the second single from his recent collaboration with Motherhood’s Brydon Crain. 

Saint John’s Stephen Hero continues to roll out new music from his collaboration with Motherhood’s Brydon Crain. 

The creative collaboration of Stephen Hero and Brydon Crain just keeps getting better. Check out the latest single/video – ‘It’s a Beautiful Thing”. 

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