Herbert the Cow’s Ice Age Coming! | Sept. 8-10

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Fredericton indie theatre company Herbert the Cow Productions is gearing up for its next theatre experience, Ice Age Coming!, featuring work and performances by more than a dozen regional theatre artists.

Matt Carter 

Life is full of uncertainties. So whenever a guaranteed, face value, no brainer good time presents itself, it is usually worth further investigation. In the diverse and often misunderstood land of theatre, new work from Fredericton-based Herbert the Cow Productions rarely disappoints. If DIY art is something you appreciate, enjoy, or are just generally curious about, look no further than HTC’s upcoming original production, Ice Age Coming!

Through the combined effort of six writers, ten actors, and a few additional artists contributing music and tech support, HTC’s upcoming show continues to explore the possibilities of theatre in the digital realm. Described in part as a hybrid of contemporary headlines and poetry, Ice Age Coming! follows the play’s narrator, or MC (main character of master of ceremonies), “through this existential nightmare as they struggle to dethrone nihilism as the top ideology of the age.”

Sounds heavy doesn’t it? It probably is, to some degree. But if HTC’s 20+ year history has taught us anything, it is that big topics and ideas can exist in a fun and accessible way. By stitching together a mix of live performance and pre-recorded material, HTC’s fringe-worthy approach to theatre is sure to offer audiences something altogether different. 

Will the show be edgy? Yes, it will. Will it be thought provoking? 100%. Will you leave the performance with more questions than answers? Probably. But that is, afterall, part of the goal. Theatre should always make you think, ask questions, and reevaluate your place in the world. Shouldn’t it? 

Ice Age Coming! is a collaborative community production combining the work of local writers Carlee Calver, Ryan Griffith, Linda McNutt, Corenski Nowlan, Devin Rockwell, and Jordan Stewart with performances by John Ball, Rebekah Chasse, Kat Hall, Scott Harris, Robbie Lynn, Annie Mulholland, Scott Shannon, Lee Theriault, Amanda Thorne, and Mary Walker. The show features original music by Gary Flanagan and Jenn Zed with additional support from Pele Spohn / Circuit Witch, all under the direction and guidance of HTC’s artistic director Corenski Nowlan and tech director/creative consultant/producer Devin Rockwell.

Ice Age Coming! | September 8-10 | Live on Twitch | 7:30 p.m. | View Event

Ticket Info:

The show is technically free; anyone can go to our Twitch channel and watch. We will have a donation button up during the show, so it is Pay-As-You-Will, with payments being excepted via PayPal.

Herbert the Cow Productions prides itself on paying its actors/collaborators any amount (no matter how small) that we can. For 23 years we have operated as a not-profit company. We use a “profit share” model in which all box office revenue is equally split between everyone involved.

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