Hell West and Crooked

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Keith Hallett surfaces with his first album in four years.

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Hell West and Crooked is the latest album from Fredericton musician Keith Hallett.  Recorded in Halifax with his long-time drummer Chuck Bucket, the album proved to be a refreshing does of inspiration for the 26 year old musician, who handled most of the project’s logistics and planning himself, from performing to mixing.  He even designed the cover art.

“It was a learning experience for sure,” said Hallett.  “It makes me want to go in and do more albums.”

The album was recorded direct to tape with no edits or computers involved.  According to Hallett, the simplicity of the whole process was a large part of what fuelled the project.

“It’s nice to not have to use computers at all,” he said.  “Everything’s physical. Everything’s hands on. You’re not relying on some computer to give you sounds.  It’s all up to you.  If you want reverb on something you’ve got to plug in a tank and dial it in.”

Working in Bucket’s studio proved to be the perfect spot for Hallett to hone in on his guitar work and his voice and just let the music come to him, free from distraction.

“I went in with no songs planned.  I just thought I’d figure it out as I went.”

Hallett was inspired to return to the studio this summer to record Hell West and Crooked after wrapping up his World’s Fair project, the group he had been touring the country with for the past couple of years.  After Pete Rioux, the band’s keyboard player, moved stateside to pursue his master’s degree in jazz, Hallett decided it was time to figure out his next move. And that’s exactly what he did – in true Keith Hallett fashion.

“Just go in with no plan, and come out with an album…hopefully.”

Listen to Keith talk about the process of recording Hell West and Crooked and hear the track, If It’s Coming For Me.


Hell West and Crooked comes out September 16, 2015. Visit Keith Hallett online and look for the new album in local record shops.

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