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Colin Fowlie continues to tease his forthcoming album East of Nowhere with the release of his latest single, Inside Out. 

Matt Carter 

Last month, Colin Fowlie announced he would be playing a hometown release show for his sophomore album,
East of Nowhere, as part of the 2021 Living Roots Music Festival. Set for June 3 at the Fredericton Playhouse, complete with a full backing band and special guest Terra Spencer, the event will mark the end of one cycle and the beginning of something completely new for the Fredericton-based musician.

Back in February of this year, Fowlie shared, To Mend, the first single from his upcoming album recorded in Winnipeg during the early days of the pandemic with producer Ariel Posen.  In many ways, the single carried forward the roots-based songwriting that helped characterize his 2019 debut, Party Music, while also acting as an introduction to something new. The song’s production and arrangements were immediate indicators of Fowlie’s development over the previous few years. But he also appeared to have found a greater depth and control of his own voice. After one listen it was obvious Fowlie had come into his own with an entirely new level of confidence and To Mend was his way of preparing his audience for what would be coming in the months ahead. 

In March, his second single Someone’s Favourite Song reinforced his proven ability as a storyteller while introducing a few new sonic elements into the mix. The hook was among his strongest to date, while the organ and Posen’s guitar tone helped embody the warmth of Fowlie’s lyrics in completely new ways.

Inside Out, the third and final advanced single from East of Nowhere is the icing on the cake. Released last Friday, the song packs a staggering hook that affirms everything we’ve figured out over the previous two singles: Fowlie has come into his own in a big way, the hard work and investment committed to this album is paying off, and for us as an audience, East of Nowhere is shaping up to be something really special.  

Personally, I hope this record helps Fowlie find the audience he deserves. As a lyricist and a storyteller, he’s well on his way to establishing his own place among the finest anywhere. 

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