Happy Harvest

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A few tips to help make your Harvest experience the best it can be.

By Kate Butler @butler2

on the cheap copyIt’s an exciting time for downtown Fredericton and we encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the festival. Whether that’s seeing Charles Bradley in the Blues tent, Wintersleep in the Mojo Tent or simply taking in the sights and sounds of Queen Street on Saturday night, there is no shortage of entertainment.

Buy Advance Tickets

If you do not already have a pass or tickets, purchase them in advance either at Harvest Central located at 81 Regent Street or from Ticketpro, where you will need to create a free Ticketpro account to buy tickets and passes. Also available for purchase at the Harvest Central Office are drink tokens and tons of great merchandise! Extra Tip – only cash is accepted at the doors of the shows for ticket purchases.

Dress For Success

Dress appropriately! If you have not been to a Harvest show before you will most likely be standing for long periods of time and at certain venues seating is limited. Wear comfy shoes, especially if you plan to dance the night away!

Travel Safely

Need a safe ride home? Beginning Thursday the ANBL shuttle can provide a safe ride from downtown to certain central locations within the city including pickups and drop offs at the Student Union Building on Campus. You can check out a more detailed schedule here: http://www.harvestjazzandblues.com/about/safe-ride

Don’t Make Excuses

Free shows! Harvest has always been committed to providing free shows to all ages throughout the festival. Beginning Thursday at 11:30 a.m. until Saturday at 6:30 p.m., various stages will be offering great entertainment. We couldn’t forget all of the exciting buskers that make our downtown come alive during the Festival so make sure to stop and give them a listen!

Get Involved

Harvest could not run smoothly without the extremely dedicated volunteers who continue to come back year after year. There are various positions available including bar staff, ticket sales, green team and many more. It is easier than ever to volunteer with the shift board site which allows you to pick which day and time works best for you. Learn more about volunteering this year.

Happy Harvest!

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