Greville Tapes Music Club – Volume III

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Greville Tapes Music Club (punk-rocks-and) Rolls into its Third Session with Eamon McGrath & Little You, Little Me

For Immediate Release – Fredericton, NB
Little You, Little Me
Little You, Little Me

…one amazing space, two artists, and four days to come together to make some magic.

The third session in the Greville Tapes Music Club series brings together underground legend Eamon McGrath (Toronto, ON) and garage-rock rat kings Little You, Little Me (Saint John, NB). They’re meeting for the first time in the Quarantine, a farmhouse studio in Port Greville, Nova Scotia, on March 27th, 2016. Under the care and tutelage of Quarantine head honchos Colleen Collins and Dave Trenaman (who together form spook-rock duo Construction & Destruction), the two groups will work for four days to create a collaborative recording. Each artist brings two or so original compositions to the table, and over the course of four days will produce, jam, and record the tracks collaboratively, having the process documented by a New Brunswick based filmmaker.
The two groups are excited to get to work together for GTMC. Eamon McGrath awaits eagerly, saying, “this is just the kind of thing I thrive on: a project driven by a concept or philosophy but not relying on those esoteric factors to decide the quality of the content. At the end of the day, we’ll have good songs, regardless of how they were constructed, but at the same time, without the unique scenario that we’ve decided to place ourselves in, they never would have come into fruition. So that’s a very intriguing and inspiring paradox to me.”

At the end of the session, Eamon & Little You Little Me will embark on a tour in support of the new work, which will be logged to a limited edition cassette, duplicated by loving hands at the Quarantine.

What is Greville Tapes Music Club?

Greville Tapes Music Club is the brainchild of music scene vet Peter Rowan (claims to fame include his work with Eric’s Trip, Sloan, and his hand in co-founding both Halifax Pop Explosion and POP Montreal) through partnerships with NB-based innovators the Shifty Bits Cult and Monopolized Records.

From Peter, “Inspired by the collective and archival nature of Dylan and The Band’s Basement Tapes sessions, and imagined as a way to spend as much time as possible in Port Greville; The Greville Tapes Music Club has quickly morphed into an exciting entity showcasing some of the best talents that New Brunswick and the rest of Canada has to offer. Partnering with inspiring regional collectives, GTMC brings together youth and experience, genres, regions and huge talents all dedicated to capturing the magic of the moments.”

Eamon McGarth
Eamon McGarth

It seems to be a match made in heaven – partnering like-minded collectives and artists in a magical space, GTMC sets a new precedent for collaboration across Canada. Shifty Bits Cult co-founder Penelope Stevens admits “it’s an honour to be partnering on this project with Peter and the Quarantine. The Cult has a mandate to promote collaboration and community-building; GTMC fits that mold and then breaks out of it, creating unique Canadian content that puts New Brunswick on the map. It makes my little heart sing!”

Each year GTMC will undertake a minimum of four such sessions. Through Monopolized Records (Saint John, NB),  content will be available as 12” vinyl releases, digital, and film versions over the course of the year (and cassettes, of course!). Content will also be available through traditional online outlets and record shops. We’re pleased to partner with POP Montreal for exclusive previews and debuts of content as the project develops. With a concerted effort to promote each individual session, band and brand, the common thread of beautiful Port Greville and the spirit of collaboration will stitch the Greville Tapes Music Club together.

As more content and sessions unfold,  new guest producers, videographers, and visual artists will be incorporated, expanding the concept and reach of the project. As each contributing artist dives in, we look forward to seeing new love bloom and unique Canadian art created!

Stay tuned for more details about the next sessions of the Greville Tapes Music Club! The fourth session will begin in May 2016, featuring Sackville’s hometown hero Jon McKiel and experimentalists WHOOP-Szo (London/Guelph, ON).

Tour Dates:

March 31st – Sackville, NB, at Thunder & Lightning Ltd. 

April 1st – Halifax, NS, at Gus’ Pub

April 2nd – Saint John, NB, at Pepper’s Pub

April 3rd – Fredericton, NB, at ReNeu Boutique

April 6th – Peterborough, ON, at the Garnet

April 7th – Toronto, ON, at the Old Laurel

April 8th – Hamilton, ON, at the Killing Floor

April 9th – Montreal, QC, at Bar Le Ritz

April 10th – Ottawa, ON, at the Happy Goat


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