Greville Tapes Music Club shares first single from Season Three

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Maybe It’s Nothing offers a long overdue introduction to the ongoing collaboration between The Olympic Symphonium and Wolf Castle. 

Matt Carter

One of the major keys to the longevity of any musician or band’s career has to do with evolution. This could mean moving beyond the confines of an early success or simply embracing new influences as they relate to the creative interests of a group’s membership. Acknowledging, accepting, and using change as a creative tool can be a winning formula.  In a way, Maybe It’s Nothing, the first single from the Greville Tapes Music Club’s forthcoming third season, is a strong example of this idea of growth and evolution as a key to a successful tenure in music. 

Maybe It’s Nothing is the first recorded collaboration between The Olympic Symphonium and Wolf Castle. This unlikely pairing of chamber folk meets hip hop has been in development for over a year now. Though performances have been few and available recordings on YouTube even fewer, just knowing these two seemingly opposite creative forces have been collaborating has made me happy. 

Collaboration is what defines the Greville Tapes Music Club. So it only makes sense to me that this pairing of The Olympic Symphonium and Wolf Castle would eventually end up in the home studio on the shores of Port Greville, Nova Scotia as part of this exciting project’s new season of music. 

With swelling lap steel chords and delicate acoustic instrumentation laying the foundation for rapper Tristan Grant’s lyrical poetry, Maybe It’s Nothing is a long overdue introduction to one of the most exciting musical collaborations to emerge in Atlantic Canadian music in recent years.

Upcoming Performances:

January 20 | Shivering Songs | The Cap | Fredericton, NB


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