The Galpines release debut full-length, ‘Sorry Mom’

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Moncton’s “nerdy, girly dirt band” celebrate the release of their debut album with a show this weekend at Parkindale Hall.

Matt Carter


At this point, just about everyone involved in New Brunswick’s music community has heard of The Galpines. The group’s crass mix of edgy humour and their all-too-real, call-it-what-it-is songwriting has been turning heads for the past few years and quite possibly helping to write the next chapter in New Brunswick folk music. And what’s really remarkable is that up until this point, they haven’t released a full album of music.

So how is it that and band with no official release can make such a strong impact? Well, you could credit the many videos the band has posted to their YouTube page or their active social media presence, but the group’s Heather Narduzzi believes the band’s popularity can be traced back to something much less involved.

“We’re popular because everyone loves drunken sluts!”

“I think people enjoy The Galpines because we’re doing something a little different,” said Narduzzi. “Blending comedy and music really seems to draw people in, and then there’s the attitude of, ‘What are these crazy bitches gonna say next?’”.

The Galpines will celebrate the release of their debut album Sorry Mom on Saturday with a no-holds-barred performance at Parkindale Hall. We could warn you to expect the unexpected but that’s been the case from the get-go for these four women from the Hub City.

“People should definitely expect a few surprises at the release show,” said Narduzzi. “We’ve got a slew of special guests, shiny new costumes, and a trunk full of Alpines, so shit’s gonna get weird.

“The last time I was at Parkindale Hall I got scolded for talking too loudly, so I’m stoked to go rip it up when no one’s allowed to shush me. To be fair, I WAS being an asshole that time. #sorrymom.”

Sorry Mom was produced by The Galpines and Don Levandier of The Motorleague, who also mixed and mastered the project.

“Don is an absolute pleasure to work with and really helped us achieve the sound we envisioned,” said Narduzzi. “We did the bulk of the recording in Amy [Stone]’s home studio, with a few bits including a big gang vocal on Pants Are Dumb at my home studio. We also had some wonderful guests join us on the album, most of whom will also be playing with us at the release show.”

Sorry Mom features guest performances by Phil Flowers, Christine Gollan, Alex Madsen, Cartiona Sturton and former Galpines member Lyndsay Godley.

The Galpines album release show | July 21 | Parkindale Hall | Parkindale, NB | View Event

Upcoming performances:

August 4 | Messtival | Anagance, NB
August 31 | The Dakota Tavern, Toronto, ON
September 1 | Magfest, Dunchurch, ON
September 3 | Cafe Dekcuf, Ottawa, ON
September 4 | TBA, Montreal QC
September 8 | Holy Whale Brewery | Alma, NB


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