Fundy Fringe Festival: Day 1

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Reviewer Douglas Fillmore meets a God hating atheist, a pair of stilt walkers and a troubled teen on his first night at the Fundy Fringe Festival.

The sixth annual Fundy Fringe Festival is underway in Saint John. The first full day of programming included 20 performances across stages at the BMO Theatre, Sanctuary Theatre, Interaction Concert Hall, NB Museum, Saint John Arts Centre and the Five & Dime.  

Saint John theatre enthusiast Douglas Fillmore was on hand for several performances and put together this quick recap of his evening’s highlights.

More Than a Circus Act: A Brief History of Stilt Walking by Michael Peters and Katrina Lewis

Kat and Michael began the show with a bit of 30’s music and dance, quite impressive! The history of the usage of stilts in war and peace, throughout the world adds the context to this piece, as does Kat and Michael’s own origin story.

This show is perfect for families, as it has a participation aspect to it. It’s a bit  challenging, but not overly difficult…if you or yours are willing. This is a fun show that needs to be seen and appreciated.

**** 4 STARS ****


The Commandment by Phil Rickaby

Thomas, a God hating, atheist, prophet, begins his diatribe at an open mic night. On the face of it , The Commandment sounds like a bad joke, but what a punchline! From the beginning to the end this of play there is a roller coaster feel. What is faith? Do we control our destiny, or is it predetermined? The comedy adds to the edginess of this piece. By all means, make this a go to on your Fringe Binge!

***** 5 STARS *****


The Cardboard Countess by Victoria Goring

The environment, social tolerance, and the necessity of human connections over social wants and desires seems to be the message of this play. 

When Ever, a young outsider, is thrown out of a mall by security and chased down by her fellow classmates, she happens upon the Cardboard Countess. The Countess is a street person who lives in the mall parkade, and in her own world. The dynamic between the two is frustrating, enlightening, and ultimately endearing as they connect on a deep level.

Music is a big part of this production with the guitarist and Ever becoming the Greek chorus. At key points in the beginning, middle, and end, they bridge the story line with music. All in all I found this an excellent and enjoyable production.

***** 5 STARS *****

For a complete list of performances, venues and ticket information (all shows just $10), visit

Fundy Fringe Festival runs until August 25. 

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